The 10 Headed Dragon of Doom, Death and Destruction is an evil, giant, awesome dragon with 10 heads. It spawned from a nuclear disaster in West Hyrule. The dragon has a large arsenal of epic attacks, and has flattened entire cities in Hyrule, Gamelon and Koopastan. The dragon weighed OVER 9000 metric tonnes, and was 400 metres tall. The dragon was defeated by Link because The King didn't want his castle flattened, so he told Link to. All of these events happened in the mid 1700s.


The 10 Headed Dragon was created when Hyrule's first nuclear power plant opened that would supply power to only Hyrule Castle. They built a nuclear plant because of The King's video games and computers that would need power. The plant was built next Mount Kakarioko in the northwest of Hyrule. 5 days after the creation of the plant, the mountain turned out to be a volcano, and errupted, taking the plant with it. All of the nuclear waste generated in the past 5 days was released, and it combined with the lava to create the 10 Headed Dragon of Doom, Death and Destruction.

After the 10HDoDDD was spawned, it stomped and flew about Hyrule, Gamelon and Koopastan leveling cities in its path. The King didn't want to be leveled, so he sent Link to defeat the dragon. After 55 days and 55.11111 nights, the dragon fell and died. Its body asploded and mutated into cheese, which rained down on Hyrule for the next 55 days.

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