Adolf Hitler upon finding out that Fegelein is missing

Adolf "DIE" Hitler is was an evil dictator from Germany. His rule was one of the longest, and the second most brutal in German history (After Touka Ryuumonbuchi, of course).


Hitler was born in 1776 to a poor farming familiy in the southern area of Germany. He grew up watching strange propaganda on TV from Arabia's evil dictator. At the age of 10, he ran away from home and went to the German capital of Berlin, where the current Fuhrer, Rip Torn, lived and worked. Hitler then won the lottery, and became the richest person in Germany (After the Fuhrer of course). He bought a giant mansion in Berlin, and then got very bored with his life.

When Hitler was 28, he decided that to ease his bordom, he would play Shames for a living. So he bought the most expensive Shame Counsels and War Shames in the entire Germany. Some of these included: Dictator for ETERNITY, Civilizations 9000, Weegee Wars, and Ducky's Guide to World Domination: The Shame!.

Rise to PowerEdit

At the age of 34, Hitler was bored of playing war shames, so he decided to become a real dictator. He wrote a weird book that would make people like him, and got a bunch of his friends to start some thing called the Nazi Party. Hitler and his Nazis then won every seat in the German Parliament. In 1814, Rip Torn died, and he had no heir to pass the throne to. So, the country held a referendum that would decide who would become the next Fuhrer. 100% voted for Hitler for some reason.


Little did the German votes no that they would hate Adolf Hitler in just 5 years, as Hitler began turning evil and forcing his Nazis on the people of Germany. He released Nazi shames and all people were forced to play them. All other shames were banned, and those who played other shames, where thrown in jail. Anybody who did not like the Nazis was executed, and there was no freedom of press. Hitler took away the internet, and made it impossible to leave Germany.

Many groups tried to overthrow the regime, but they all failed.


Hitler managed to stay in power for many more years, but was finally brought down by one of his own people. Fegelein, one of Hitler's most trusted minions, assassinated him using food poison, and brought the Fuhrer down. Hitler died in 1942, and Fegelein declared the next 10 years years of celebration. It was then discovered that Hitler had made a clone of himself. This clone was then elected the next Fuhrer. Fortunately, his reign was not as terrible.

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