The Bowser UnWorld Territories is a country in the UnWorld. It is ruled by Bowser. He uses the land for testing powerful weapons and devoloping them. Also, some people from the Koopa Empire, also ruled by Bowser live in the cities here. Little people live outside cities because most of the land is jungle and beasts like Goombas and Pickles. Derpsticks also roam the wild here. The Territories has a population of 12,697,791,097, most of which lives in the South Africa Prefecture. Locally, the Bowser UnWorld Territories is ruled by Viceroy Iggy Koopa.

Science and TechnologyEdit

The Bowser UnWorld Territories is home to the Zaire Reasearch Facility, a reasearch facility that specializes in the reasearch and development of powerful and dangerous weapons. One of these is the F.E.U.M.P.E., a powerful bomb that was used several times during the Koopa War that helped the Koopa Empire take over many other nations.

Bowser UnWorld Territories
—  Territory  —
Bowser African Territories.png
Koopa Empire
Planet UnWorld
Territorial Capitol Bowser City
 • Viceroy Iggy Koopa
 • Total 12,697,791,097
 • Rank 5th in the Koopa Empire
 • Density
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density
The UnWorld

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