The Chinese Socialist Empire is a country in the UnWorld. It was first settled by Space Nomads who wanted a home. They were from Chinagee, so they came here and simply named the land China. China borders Soviet Russia to the north, the Indian Federation and Sonic Islands to the south, Japan to the east, and Stania and the Squadala Empire (Koopa Empire) to the west. China is the 2nd largest nation in the UnWorld in population after the Koopa Empire.
Socialist Empire of China
Largest city Shanghai
Official languages Mandarin Chinese
Demonym Chinese
Government Single-Party Socialist State under Absolute Monarchy
 -  Emperor {{{leader_name1}}}
 -  Premier {{{leader_name2}}}
Legislature Parliament of the People
 -  Conquered land from Stanian Empire 9121 BCE 
 -  Total 11,271,076 km2{{{area_rank}}}]])
4,351,787 sq mi 
 -  census 81,281,203,112 (2nd)
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total 18,769 trillion
HDI Increase .7657
Currency Yuan (CNY)
The UnWorld

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Former Nations

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Unrecognised States

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