The awesome Dinnershamer

The Dinnershamer is a portable, touch screen, Shameing system built by King Harkinian and is only sold in West Hyrule, his country. It was created so that the people of West Hyrule could have something to do. However, very few people could afford it and because of that, there were bad sales and because of that, very few shame companies adapted their shames to work with a Dinnershamer. Some titles were released by Harkinian himself. These include the very popular Dinnerblaster series.


  • Dinnerblaster Series
  • Saki Portable
  • Final Spaghetti
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Eat Chicken, the Shame
  • Obey Wario, Destroy Mario
  • You Will Die


These are things people didn't like about the Dinnershamer

  • The special DINNER Font makes an A look like タ, the Japanese character that is read "ta", when written really sloppily
  • It costs OVER 9000 Euros, and OVER 90000000009 Rupees, (but .0000001 more if you live in Indonesia)
  • It has a 30 min battery
  • Takes 30 hours to charge
  • Is only available in English and Latin
  • Only legal in West Hyrule
  • Illegal in the MahBoi Provence of West Hyrule

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