Dinosaur Land is a nation on the South UnAmerican continent of the UnWorld. It borders only South UnAmerica. The nation was founded as a haven for Yoshis, Dinosaurs and Dragons to come to when the UnWorld was being colonised by Humans, including the Spartans, Stanians and countries succeeding these empires. The nation has it`s beginnings in a secret underground village inhabited by Yoshis and Cavemen. Word of this got out to other Yoshis, Dinosaurs and Dragons who were being oppressed and enslaved by humans. Over time, this settlement in the uncolonised rainforest grew large and the people founded a republic.


Dinosaur Land started as a small settlement in the middle of South UnAmerica, owned by Sparta at the time. The settlement was safe from the evil humans who were abusing Yoshis, dinosaurs and Dragons by forcing them into labour at the Pizza Plants. Many slaves escaped to the city, first inhabited by Cavemen who invented Football. Soon this city split into losta cities because the first one was getting to big. Although the land still technically belonged to Sparta, the Dinosaurians governed the land as a small republic of 14 cities. The names of these cities were: Zrendlan, Yoshinaga, Nekkwan'to, Towinashna, Zevwana, Nyakatsa, Wesinaptukla, Ganezana, Kuroninatsu, Nga, Tsu, Keksinkwa, Rakurete and Shinametsu.

Shortly after the first repulic was founded, Sparta began to wonder where all of its slaves were going, and they started to build cities in South UnAmerica. The Spartans soon found out about the republic, and sent the 300 to destroy it and return the slaves. The Dinosaurians then built an army using cavemen and defeted the 300 using Stone Footballs at the help of Stone Luigi. Nobody knows how this worked, because the 300 was equiped with Spears and Spartan Lasers.

After the war, the declining state of Sparta was forced to withdraw from Dinosaur Land and give it independence to go fight a war in Europe. After this, the Dinosaur and Yoshi Federal Republic was founded, occuying half of South UnAmerica, the other half being Spartan (However, Sparta would lose this territory a few years later).
Dinosaur and Yoshi Federal Republic
Dino: Dinasun nya Yoshi Replukbig Fedrealsi

Yoshinan: Dino ni Yoshi kawa Fuedoran Resopuruki

Dinonese: Dinasna nk Eyoshi Reskplu'kik Fednaralnet dzi

Motto: "Dinasun nya Yoshi'kki Gelchsvande ple"

"Dino ni Yoshi kona Zakurikute"

"Peace between Dinosaurs and Yoshi"
Largest city Yoshinakosu
Official languages Dino, Yoshinan, Dinonese
Demonym Dino
Government Semi-Presidentail Federal Republic
 -  President Kanakotona Zainawa Neri
 -  Prime Minister Kaktonya zni Plektopkti
Legislature Dino Parliament
 -  census 33,124,931,550
HDI .734
Currency Kranka (Kuranka)
Drives on the left

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