The Earth, planet of fat people

Earth is a planet in the Earth Dimension where the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, and other countries are. Earth is not really involved in other universal activity because people on Earth haven't yet discovered the technology to travel through dimensions. In fact, they barely have any technology at all. However, we know about this planet because there are some (Very few) non-idiots and non-fat people that know stuff that YOU don't! The most high tech thing that Earth has produced is a smartphone. Plus lots of people on Earth are really, really fat. Some people on Earth are Enviornment Haters and they polute the atmosphere, the ocean and wilderness because they want more money to buy themselves food to make them more fat. If the Enviornment Haters keep doing what they're doing, then the Earth will DIE and so will all of its inhabitants. So Enviornment Haters, would you like to KILL your planet and have it not be involved in other universal activity? Or have it continue to get cool TECHNOLOGY and become EPIC? Its your choice. Choose the correct one or DIE!

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