Greegee is a Greature that formed when a Weegee clone came in contact with Fire Flower Radiation. Greegee has pretty much full control over fire. He can shoot fire, spawn fireballs, eat fire, etc. Greegee's brother is Gralleo, who is also a Greature except he is a Malleo clone. Greegee currently lives in Weegeeopolis, United 'Gees Universe where he is leader of the Greature Force, an organization in the UGU equivalent the the FBI and CIA.


Greegee wears orange overalls with a face on them, a feature of all Greatures. He wears a salmon shirt underneath and has a yellow hat and yellow hair. His hat has a big blue X on it and he has red eyes, mustache and gloves. His hands have claws on them.

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