The Hyperverse refers to every single dimension and universe (not the political unit) in existance. Little is known about the Hyperverse, and it is commonly believed that it is filled with an infinite amount of universes, one for every possible thing that could possibly happen in any time or place possible. The Known Dimension is in the Hyperverse, as is the Earth Dimension.

The Known Dimension (or UnUniverse) and the Earth Dimension (or Real World) are branches off of the Abode. The Known Dimension is the basis of all other dimensions, each is a branch off of the KD. As you can see, the Hyperverse is very hard to understand.


The Hyperverse has always existed. It was not created, and it shall never cease to exist. It is fabeled that there was once a time when nothing existed in the Hyperverse, but then out of the chaos of quantum physics, stuff appeared in the Abode. This Stuff was chaotic, and caused much quantum chaos. One theory states that Chuck Norris was born from this chaos, but Norris denies this, saying he, like the Hyperverse, has always existed.

In the Abode, Norris created Matter and Energy, which he played with and experimented with for innumerable years. Being a god, Chuck Norris could summon Matter and Energy at will, and built amazing crap around the Abode. After that Chuck Norris created the Known Dimension, and with it's existance, an infinite amount of Stuff became possible. As a result, the so called "quantum dimensions" formed. There are an infinite amount of these dimensions, one for every possible thing that could possibly happen in the Known Dimension.

Inquantum UniversesEdit

The Inquantum Universes are dimensions created as a result of the acts of a physical/spiritual force, be it a god, or a machine. They are NOT created by the infinite possiblities and outcomes of everything that has existed. Below is a list:

  • the Abode - the origional place of existance. The Abode has always existed, and always will exist. It was not created, and therefore, the only exception to the "created as a result of the acts of a physical/spiritual force" rule on this list.
  • Trolliverse

    The Trolliverse, a prominent location in the Known Dimension

    The Known Dimension - The Dimension this wiki is about. It was created by Chuck Norris a really really long time ago on 1 January, 1 ED.
  • Earth Dimension - If you are reading this, you are likely from the Earth Dimension. The origions of this universe are unknown, and it is unknown who created it. No universes branch off this one except for Quantum Dimensions.

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