India is a country in South Asia. It was founded by the great Mahatma Gandhi a long time ago because he was tired of Stanian rule. A lot of people live in India, and some scientists think that it might explode. However, many Smart People think that a country cannot physically explode, unless large bombs are used. Today, India is a combination of large cities and rural agricultural villages. Most of the population, however, lives in the large cities. The capital city of India is Delhi, where the world's greatest Deli Shop is located. The attracts many tourists. The largest city is Mumbai, with a population exceeding far over 9000, and population density exceeding the physical limit.


The land we know as India today used to be part of Stania's oversized empire during the Sparta-Stania Period of the UnWorld's history. The a group of pirates landed and raided poor Stanian cities and tried to steal money that wasn't there. This pissed both the pirates and the Stanians off, so they just decided to begin trading Cheese with eachother. However, Pirates realised they have no use for cheese, so they got pissed of again. This sparked a series of conflicts in which pirates began raiding rich Stanian cities, and getting the money they wanted.

After 1000 years, the pirates got bored, and went to some other planet to raid and steal. About 2300 years later, a group of people known as the Harrapans landed in Stanian India. They then realised that this land was already owned, so they decided to leave. However, the space ships run off of rare fuel only found on the Harrapans native planet, and there were no reserves of this fuel on the UnWorld. So the Harrapans just decided to stay.

Eventually, they began breeding with Europeans from Stania and created a new race called the Indians. They then created some crazy awesome religion called Hinduism. Everybody in the India provence liked Hinduism, and they tried to convert the Stanians with their weird religion. It failed, and made Stanians really mad at the Indians. They then just decided to jail all who call themselves Hindus, and then everybody became not Hindus.

Many years later, the Stanian Empire was defeated by Sparta, and ownership of India was transferred to Sparta. The religion was then changed to Greek Mythology. The Spartan years saw much political stability, and the living standards of Indians increased.

After another 1000 years, the Spartan Empire began to decline as new settlers appeared above the skies of the UnWorld. Mohandas Gandhi, and Indian nationalist, declared India independent from Sparta. A war followed, and the Indians were supported by other settlers defeated the Spartans, making India an independent nation. After this, everybody loved Gandhi and they all declared him the President for ETERNITY!!!!!

Motto: 24/7 Tech Support
Largest city Mumbai
Official languages Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali, French, Dutch, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Bombish, Japanese, Dinosaur, Afrikaans, Urdsanskrhindi, Java, C++, C, C#, C++++++++++, Kobalt, Stupidese, Swahili, OVER 9000 more...
Recognised national languages Hindi
Government Representative Democracy
 -  President Mohandas Gandhi
Legislature parliament
 -  census 111,111,111,111
The UnWorld

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Former Nations

Roman Empire - Arabia - Turkey

Unrecognised States

Pumkin World - Kid's Country - Taiwan - Pickle Land - East Pakistan (Bangladesh) - Dinosaur Republic (former)

Other Topics

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