The King

Dinner King redirects here. You may have been looking for King Dinner, Hyrule's first king.

King Harkinian, often referred to just as The King, is the stupid king that rules West Hyrule. He used to rule all of Hyrule but then one day, Squadala Man, the kings advisor, betrayed him because of his stupidity. Because The King was too stupid to run a country all by himself, Hyrule fell into civil war and split in two. Today, The King lives in luxury with Princess Zelda and Link while his people live in poverty. The King is the inventor of Dinner, the signature food of West Hyrule. He loves Dinner a lot and imports it from Koridai, where Morshu the shopkeeper lives. The Dinner, however, only goes to him, Zelda and Link. It is a fact that The King's favourite anime is One Piece.

The King of West HyruleEdit

King Harkinian is the King of the impoverish country of West Hyrule. In fact, he is the reason it is impoverished. West Hyrule is full of natural recources and wealth, including gold, diamonds, oil and coal. However, King Harkinain is very corrupt, and claims all of these materials for himself and other rich people. 99% of the wealth in West Hyrule is owned by The King. Because of his wealth, The King lives in luxorious palace and eats 5 meals a day. There is always DINNER on King Harkinain's plate as well as his friends and government workers. However, the rest of the country lives in poverty, with barely any DINNER on their plates. Many economists and politicians say that if King Harkinian wasn't so corrupt, West Hyrule would have some of the highest living standards in the world.

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