Kirby about to inhale something.

is a small pink puffball that is from Dream Land on Planet Pop Star. He appears in many Shames. The first one he appeared in was Kirby's Nightmare Stare. His most popular one was Kirby: Return to Nightmare State and Kirby invades the State of Weegee.

Aside from being a shame star, he also fights evil guys like King Dedede, Karl Marx and Meta Knight. Kirby's current residence is Dream Land where he sometimes has to fight the tyrannical ruler King Dedede. He has visited many other planets including the UnWorld and Mushroom World. He also has a high enough UnRank to be allowed into Beast~Node.


Kirby posesses a strange mixture of suction and copycat powers. This allows him to copy the abilities of things he inhales, giving him a huge varity of different forms.


Many people have copied Kirby and became his clones. Some of these include Dark Kirby, Shadow Kirby, Evil Kirby and DINNER Kirby.

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