Koopa Island is the main Territory of the Koopa Empire. It houses the Imperial Capitol: Koopopolis. Koopa Island is a rather large island just off the coast of Koopastan. It has a population of 93,625,736,265, 3 times the population of the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopa Island was the first Territory of the Koopa Emoire, and formerly was owned by Koopland. It is one of 3 territories in the Koopa Empire with a Very High HDI, along with Koridai and the UnWorld Moon.


Koopa Island has 4 geographic regions: the Bowser Desert in the south, this Bowser Mountains in the north, the coastal plains near the coasts and the plains surrounding the Bowser river, that flows down from the Bowser Mountains and empties into the Hyrule Ocean in the south. Most of the larger cities are in the coastal plains and river plains. The Bowser River is the only major river.
Koopa Island
—  Territory  —
Koopa Empire
Imperial Capitol Koopopolis
 • Emperor Bowser
 • Total 93,625,736,265
 • Density
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density

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