Koryeong is a universe outside the Trolliverse close to Chinagee. It is the birthplace of the Korean Language and culture. Koryeong is one of 4 universes to develop starships without the aid and/or purchase from the Chinese, making them a very advanced universe. Koryeong's planets can be very cold, even sometimes during the summer, as many of their planets orbit a bit farther away from the star compared to standard orbiting planets. Chinagee conquered Koryeong and ruled it for many years. This brought over lotsa Chinese culture, which changed the architecture of many Koryeongese buildings. In 41002 BCE, Koryeong regained sovereignty and became independent.


Koryeong has a constitutional monarchy with a democratic unitary state. The legislature is a unicameral parliament consisting of 1000 seats. The parliament votes on national decisions and can create/destroy laws. The parliament also elects the 10 members of the Cabinet of Leaders, a high ranking collection of 10 government officials called Ministers. This group of people elect the prime minister. The prime minster must approve laws proposed by the parliament for them to be put in action. They serve a 5 year term and members of the Cabinet of Leaders serve a 10 year term. After a prime minister's term is over, he replaces on of the Ministers and will serve another 10 year term in the Cabinet (making the maximum length of time as a high ranking official 25 years).

The capitol of Koryeong is Hwasong. The parliament meets here in the Parliamentary Hall. The Koryang, or Executive Mansion is also here as well as the Supreme Court, which has 18 judges. Hwasong is a city-planet.

Formerly, Koryeong has had an absolute monarchy, but then it switched to a constitutional monarchy in 309 BCE.

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