Kyoman'naka is the center region of Dendokyo, the capitol of the universe Japangee. It is a perfect circle with a circumference of 50 kilometers. It has a total area of 7,853.975 km2. The region is the seat of the Japangee Government and has the parliament hall, Prime Minister's Mansion, Imperial Residence and Supreme Court. The area is home to 30% of the whole population of Dendokyo. The Dendogawa River flows through Kyoman'naka. The prefecture is divided into 36 Special Wards called the 36 Specual Wards. This is a feature unique to this prefecture of Dendokyo.

Kyoman'naka serves as the economic, cultural and government hub for all of Japangee. The Dendokyo Stock Trade, the largest one in te Known Dimensiom, is located in Kyoman'naka. There are also many old buildings from when the area was first settled. Some of these include the Meiji Shrine and Dendokyo Samurai Castle. Another attraction in Kyoman'naka is the Dendokyo Skytree. It is a very tall tower that reaches into space and connects the city-planet to Japangee's space tube mass transit.

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