Life as a Terrorist is a super violent shame for the Ryuumonshamer, a shaming system made by Toka Ryuumonbuchi. It is rated M at the ESRB and 13+ by Squadala Ratings and in Hong Kong. The shame has completely been banned in UnAmerica because it involves terrorism done mostly by Toka Ryuumonbuchi and Saki Miyanaga.

The main objective of the shame is to kill as many people around the Trolliverse area as possible. Once everyone except yourself is dead, you win! There are many different ways of destruction you can use. These include bombs, cheese, Antimatter Bombs, lasers and various missiles. You can either play as Toka, Saki or make your own character. Although you try to destroy stuff in the shame, ere is constantly a group of authorities trying to stop you. These include the Trolliverse Pirate Police and UnWorld Terrorism Stoppage Force.

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