15px-Cquote1 Gee, it sure is boring around here. 15px-Cquote2
Link, bored at Hyrule Castle

Link at Hyrule Castle

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Beige
Species: Human
Home: Hyrule Castle, West Hyrule
Parents: n/a
Siblings: none
Education: Hyrulian School for Nobles
Occupation: Shame star, warrior, politician
Known For: His famouse shames. killing the 10 Headed Dragon of Doom, Death and Destruction

Link is some symbollic failish swordsman who lives at Hyrule Castle in West Hyrule. He is a member of the elite nobility of the West, and therefore one of the few people who aren't poor in that country. Historically, Link fought the evil forces of Ganon, but after the Koopa Empire conqured Koridai, Ganon was cast of to live as a hobo in the Mushroom Kingdom, Link stopped fighting him. Today, Link lives in the castle with The King, Zelda, Impa, MyLeigeGuy and Mayor Kravindish.

Early LifeEdit

Link was born to a poor family in West Hyrule 30 years after King Harkinian ascended to the throne. One day, a three year old Link through a sword at The King who was giving a speech about the recent economic problems. The King was amazed at how well Link through the sword, so he took Link away to the Castle to protect them from the evil forces of Ganon. At the age of 15, Link became a knight, and began fighting in Koridai. His career to a turn for the worse when he was captured by Ganon in Gamelon. However, he was able to recover by defeating the 10 Headed Dragon of Doom, Death and Destruction.

Shame StarringEdit

After noticing his potential as a shame character, Nintendo went to Link, and asked him to star in a shame. Link accepted and became the star of the famous shame: Link Kills A 10 Headed Dragon. After this major success, Nintendo had him star in countless other shames. As a result, Link is famous and known of all over the Trolliverse.

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