Mario is a human who lives in Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom. He is the one who goes out and kicks Bowser's butt and what not. Mario appears in many Shames, where he is the main character. He has a brother named Luigi who is like him, but wears green.

Friends of MarioEdit

Career outside saving the Mushroom KingdomEdit

Mario has a job as in a talk show at SMKB. He is also a plumber, but doesn't do that much anymore. He also has a shaming career as he is in so many Mario Shames. He also served as a general in the Mushroom Army durring the 1st and 2nd Ducky Wars. Mario also appears in the Super Evil Guy Super Show as a minor character. In the Japangeenese movie Weegee Survivors, he appears, but is played by someone else, as Mario's time in Japangee was very short.


Mario was born in the Mushroom Kingdom in 1983. He lived as the son of the Kingdom's King. At the age of 2, the King of the Mushroom Kingdom got thrown out and was to be executed for being corrupt. He secretly sent Mario to the land of Hyrule, where he was raised by The King. Mario grew up there but soon found out that The King is Stupid. So he ran away by bribing Squadala Man to take him to the Mushroom Kingdom for OVER 9000 Rupees. He moved to Toad Town and became the local plumber. Most of the Mushroom Kingdom's population had thought that Mario was killed along with his father, but they were wrong, and had no proof. Mario quickly gained popularity as a plumber during Peach's reign. He later opened up a very popular restaurant which mixed DINNER, Hyrule's signature food, with Pizza. It was called Mario's Pizza and everybody loved it. Then one day in 2003, Bowser kidnaped Princess Peach and was going to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario went and saved her and this went on for quite a while. Later on, Mario helped save the entire Known Dimension from being taken over by Weegee and help the Mushroom World enter Galatic Civilisation. After Peach had founded the UnWorld Mushroom Kingdom Colony in the UnWorld, Mario became a politician and ruled over it. He guided the colony through many wars and was the one who started the Union of Allied Nations during the Koopa War. After the War, he started the UnUnited Nations.