Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Koridai, Koridai
Parents: N/A
Likes: Rupees
Dislikes: Taxes
Fear: Taxes will rise in Koridai!!!
Dream: To make 100 billion rupees
Education: Koridaian schools
Occupation: Shopkeeper, Buisinessman
Known For: Selling the famours Lamp oil, rope and bombs.
Morshu is a rich guy from the Island of Koridai. Many years ago, he started a shop that sold 3 simple items: Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs. Today, this shop has grown to a large company that owns and operates many thousands of stores selling lotsa stuff. Morshu was born in Koridai. His parents and if he had any siblings are unknown. Morshu went to school at the Koridai Private School from the ages 7-15. After dropping out of school, Morshu spent a lot of time in the library researching Lamp oil, Rope and Bombs. After accumulating a significant amount of disposible income as Mama Luigi's Secretary, Morshu opened his own shop in northern Koridai that sold Lamp oil, Rope and Bombs. This shop, known as Morshu's Shop, became very popular. However, business declined after Ganon took over Koridai. After Bowser conquered Koridai from Ganon, Morshu's Shop began to be popular again, and it made Morshu very rich. Rich enough to stay in the city Bowser had built in Koridai, where he recides today. His company has a trade partnership with West Hyrule. King Harkinian buys bombs from him to use to stop uprisings in his impoverish country full of recources and wealth that are exploited and claimed only for the King.

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