Patrick Star showing off his new found literacy skills

Lucky "Patrick" Star
is a super intelligent sea creature who can live on land. He was the first in the dimension to study YouTube Poop, a study known as Wumbology.


Patrick Star was born in Bikini Bottom in 1966. He didn't go to school, because his parents didn't no what school was. They lived under a stone, so for much of Patrick's early years, he was an illiterate moron. One day, he met some guy called SpongeBob SquarePants, and the two became good friends.

In 1974, Patrick was found to be the King of Bikini Bottom, so he was given a giant mansion, gold, money and education. Using his Education, Patrick became very smart and literate, so he bought a computer. He then began using the internet, and watch internet videos daily. He then started watching YouTube Poops, and thought they were very funny.

Patrick Star then began writing down the different techniques used in YouTube Poops. He then wrote a 9001 page book on the subject, titled YouTube Poop Videos are Cool.

Patrick wanted to study more YouTube Poop, so he gave the job as King to Gary the Snail (who was also the Fuhrer of Germany) and moved to Meme City in the Sonic Islands. Here in Meme City, he founded the School of YouTube Poop, the official school of Wumbology.

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