The Physics of the Known Dimension were decided by Chuck Norris when he created the dimension many millions of years ago. They vary alot from the Physics of the Earth Dimension.


  • There is no Speed of Light. Light instantly reaches its destination the exact moment the photon is released. This allows travel between planets, star systems, galaxies, universes and large universe clusters like the Trolliverse very easy as in the Earth Dimension, the speed of an object is limited by the Speed of Light, so traveling from one star system to the closest one to it takes 4 years at light speed. Also, transmittions using Electromagnetic Radiation (radio) can get to their destination instanlty, so communication between super long distances is really easy.
  • Gravity takes 2 forms:
    1. Gravity Bands: Gravity Bands have galaxies inside them. If a galaxy is in a Gravity Band, then it does not move at all. Gravity Bands can be bent by technology, magic or powers to form shapes, which is what gives Universes their shapes. Gravity Bands were created in the beginning of the dimension and created random universes (such as the United Universe of Shrooms). Later, Chuck Norris created the Trolliverse out of Gravity Bands that were so big (they represented his epic powers) that they could hold entire universes. He also created universes with cool looking shapes.
    2. Conventional Gravity: Gravity like it is in the Earth Dimension. The larger the mass of an object, the more Conventional Gravity it has. It will pull things towards whatever has the most gravity. This form of Gravity is not as strong as Gravity Bands, therefore this gravity cannot pull objects in a Gravity Band out of the band.
  • Much of the planets of the Known Dimension are habbitable compared to the Earth Dimension, where there are only a few habbitable planets. Gas Giant planets are less common.
  • Stars tend to be closer to eachother compared to the Earth Dimension, about 1-2 lightyears compared to 4.
  • Magic. The Known Dimension Physics allows magic, something impossible in a place such as the Earth Dimension.
  • The Known Dimension has finite space. As far as humans on Earth know, their universe is infinite. The KD has finite volume, although it is very big. Estimated size is around 10^123456789001 cubic kilometres.
  • The centre of the Known Dimension is Godrealm where Chuck Norris and other deities live.
  • Due to its large amounts of entropy caused by the universe's physics being artificially, not naturally, created, the Known Dimension is quantumly instable. This can cause (in the early times of the dimension) random objects/people/deities to appear. Today quantum instablility is used in spawning items.
  • Reincarnation. Although this has not completely been disproven in the Earth Dimension, reincarnation is known as the truth because Chuck Norris said. Upon death, a being is reborn in another body. Gods and deities cannot die, so they do not reincarnate.

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