Reastan (Officially the Islamic Republic of Reastan) is a universe in the eye part of the Trolliverse. It was settled by Shyguy Space Nomads from the nearby Sumerian Galaxies. The universe is the birthplace of Islam, the Islamic culture and the Persian Language. The dominant species is Shyguys and similar species. Today, life is similar to how it was thousands of years ago in Reastan.


Many of Reastan's planets are desert covered and many rural homes are made of Adobe (not the mineral) bricks. Some planets also have mountains and jungles. The unverse has a total of 837,387 planets and 7,452 are habitable. There are 3 city-planets in Reastan, Al-Badabada, Tashkent (capitol) and Ashgabat (largest city.


The culture of Reastan is very Arabic (although slightly different than the Arabic seen on Earth). Shyguys where Shyguy robes over their body, a belt and usually, in public, a Shyguy mask. Shyguy robes take many colours. The masks are typically white.


The official language of Reastan is Shyguyish. It is a mixture of many languages transliterated for shuguys. These include Persian, Arabic and Sumerian. Shuguyish uses the Persian script, but used to use the Cuneiform script, and before that, Sumerian Hieroglyphics. There are many dialects of the Persian Language including Arabic, which is one of the official languages in the Squadala Empire in the UnWorld. Persian is an abjad script, and vowels take the form of diacritics above consonants. It is written from right to left.


Reastan was settled by Space Nomads from the nearby Sumerian Galaxies. They landed on one of the desert planets and named it Tashkent. They decided the place wasn't to bad, so they built a city there. Tashkent grew to incredible sizes, and became a city-planet in only 3 centuries. After that, the Tashkentians decided to colonize other planets. They then named the planet Tashkent, and all the places they colonized together Reastan. of these planets grew in population, and Al-Badabada and Ashgabat became the next city-planets.

Later, in 3746117 BCE, Reastan was invaded by Englia, who wanted to conquer and annex the universe in an attempt to stop Islam because they thought all Muslim Shyguys were terrorists and bandits. They failed at the Battle of Tashkent when the English starship armada was taken out single handedly by Ducky when he used his FUS ROH DAH ability to be liked by people. It worked, but only in Reastan.

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