Respawning is the act of coming back to life after death. Many people and some entire species can respawn, however, respawning has many mechanics and rules. The length it takes for one to fully respawn, including the body and mind depends on many factors, including cause of death, person's power, and the person`s karma.

The ability to respawn after death can be obtained in many ways. Some potions grant the ability, and some magicians can grant it. Some entire species have the ability in their DNA and technology, to a certain extent, can respawn beings. If one does not have the ability to respawn, they will instead be reincarnated as another being. A notable species that can respawn is the Minecraftians.


Science has not yet proven why some people can respawn, and why some potions/magic can grant the ability. Chuck Norris knows, but he isn`t telling anybody.

When one`s respawn delay (the time between death and respawn) is over, they will be respawned at a random location within 1 metre of where they died. One always respawns at full health, but any disorders/diseases they had previously shall carry over. One also respawns in the clothes they were wearing prior to death. They will also respawn not a second older than their age prior to death. When one respawns, their corpse dissapears.

People/Species who can respawnEdit

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