The Rome Settlement was the largest city in the Mushroom Kingdom until it was destroyed by Bowser's powerful weapon, the F.E.U.M.P.E. The city was built around the ruins of the former capitol of the Roman Empire before it was conquered by France, Rome. Because of this, the settlement is surrounded by ruins. The Rome Settlement was started when Flint came up with a new city style that could possilbly hold more people in a tighter space (while also giving the people plenty of space). He went to Mario, who allowed him to built a city anywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom and he would send 25 million colonists to live in it. Flint built a city around the ruins of Rome and Mario sent colonists in 2034. Flint's city style worked and the city attracted many people around the Mushroom Kingdom and the UnWorld. The Rome Settlement continued to grow until 2042, during the Koopa War when the Koopa Empire dropped a F.E.U.M.P.E. on the city, destroying it. The cities advanced evacuation system got all of the people out safely, but the whole city was destroyed. A new one is planning to be built once the creator the FEUMPE created gets filled in.
Rome Settlement
—  Settlement  —
The Rome Settlement before it was destroyed by Bowser's F.E.U.M.P.E.
Country Mushroom Kingdom
Planet UnWorld
Destruction: Destroyed by Bowser's F.E.U.M.P.E. 2042
 • Type Mayor-Council
 • Mayor Flint
 • Total 136 km2 (52.5 sq mi)
Population 103,664,827
 • Density 762,241/km2 (1,902,106/sq mi)
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density

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