School of youtube poop by hooon-d65o8ou.png

Left wall: George Volcano Right wall: Tyrannosaurus Allan Ceiling: Bowser of the Koopa Empire Top row, left to right: ?, Sonic, Baker, King Leonidas of Sparta, MyLeigeGuy, Yoshi, Morshu, Duke Onkled, Zelda, ?, King Harkinian of West Hyrule, Link, Weegee, Ganon, Billy Mays, Dr. Rabbit, Fat Mario, Gay Luigi, Mayor Kravindish, ? Second Row, left to right: ? (Fegelein I think), Adolf Hitler, Mario Head, M. Bison, Arthur, SpongeBob SquarePants, ? (Steiner I think), ?, I. M. Meen's mother I think, I. M. Meen, Dr. Robotnik of Soviet Russia, Squadala Man, Angry German Kid, Wilford Brimley, Heavy Weapons Guy, Vegeta, ?, ?, ?, Princess Peach

The School of YouTube Poop is a legendary university devoted to Wumbology, the study of YouTube Poop. Ameture poopers go here to become professional poopers. The school was founded in 2144 BCE by Patrick Star. The campus is located in Meme City, on Meme Island in the Sonic Islands.

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