Squadala Man
Squadala Man

Squadala Man at Hyrule Castle, West Hyrule

Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Species: Human
Home: Squadala City
Likes: To rule the Squadala Empire
Fear: That his empire will one day fall to West Hyrule and King Harkinian
Dream: To destroy West Hyrule and get some DINNER
Education: Teachings from his father
Occupation: Emperor of the Squadala Empire
Known For: Hating West Hyrule

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Squadala Man

Squadala Man is the emperor of the Squadala Empire (Which is owned by the Koopa Empire and Bowser, which would really make him a Viceroy). He is a high ranking official in the Koopa Troop and is one of Bowser's close friends. Previously, he worked for King Harkinian as his advisor. However, Squadala Man found out one day The King Is Stupid, so he betrayed and threw Hyrule into civil war. After getting a job at the Koopa Troop, he led an army into the eastern part of Hyrule during the civil war and claim it for the Koopa Empire. He named the land East Hyrule. Today, Squadala Man resides in Squadala City, Squadala Empire, Koopa Empire.


Early LifeEdit

Squadala Man was born on Squadala Island, an island in the Hyrule Straight between Hyrule and Saistan, in CE 10. He was born as Gwonam Al-Saraha Murbad and would keep that name for a while until changing it to Squadala Man. As a child, he attended the only school on the island which taught him about Magic. During his freetime, he would visit the Squadala Ruins and looked at profecies carved into the walls. These profecies were written in Cuneiform, an ancient script that was unknown to the Hyrulians at the time.


After Squadala Man graduated high school, he looked into Cuneiform more, and eventually decifered the code. Now that he could read Cuneifrom, Squadala Man began to read the profecies. He discovered many of them at the Squadala Ruins and took them to King Harkinian. After this, The King made Squadala Man his advisor and Squadala Man kept reading the profecies

Hyrulian Civil WarEdit

Squadala Man was fed up with The King's stupidity, so he took his profecies and betrayed him. This threw Hyrule into civil war. After getting a job at the Koopa Troop, he took over the east part of Hyrule and named it East Hyrule and it became part of the Koopa Empire. Squadala Man would rule this land as the Viceroy for a while.

Starting the Squadala EmpireEdit

In the UnWorld, West Hyrule, ruled by King Harkinian declared war on the Koopa Empire, and tried to invade the Bowser UnWorld Territories. However, the King's military was terrible, so Squadala Man took another army and conquered Turkey from the West Hyrulians. He declared the land the Squadala Empire, and expanded it by conquering Arabia, who declared war on them because West Hyrule did because they were allies.