The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime is an anime that was created or request by Evil Guy after his previous live action show was threatened to be taken off of SMKB because it was really bad. Evil Guy ordered his people to kidnap animators from Japan. They succeeded and Evil Guy ordered the first 6 seasons of the first show to be anime-tized and they are still forced today to make the new episodes that air every Saturday on SMKB (Although they get good pay).

The show was pretty successful and received a 10/10 by SMKB Ratings for being very funny and action filled. It's rating got it even more popular. Evil Guy had originally anticipated the show to make people evil and make them hate cupcakes, but it just makes people laugh.


The plot is pretty much the same as the last show. Evil Guy and his minions two shyguys named Pickle and Fernando live in Evil Guy Tower. They constantly try to destroy Cupcake Factories built by New Mario and New Luigi, the two main antagonists. Another minor antagonist are the Cheese Haters.

Differences between the live actionEdit

There were many differences between the Super Evil Guy Super Show and the Super Evil Guy Evil Anime that made it much better. Here are some:

  • It is animated by professional Japanese animators
  • Evil Guy adds lotsa humor (after seasn 2, when he realised that the 'turn people evil thing' wasn`t working)
  • Its animated
  • The characters look much better animated
  • The plot was slightly modified aswell
  • The second "super" is replaced with "evil" in the anime version


Because of its popularity, several Shames were produced for the show. One of them was the Super Evil Guy Super Shame, the most popular one, where you take the roll of Evil Guy and play the story of the show.

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