The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime

It's Raining Bacon!

Production Staff
Episode Writer Evil Guy
Theme Songs
Opening Theme Song Evil Guy Theme Song
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode Prepare for Trouble, and make that TRIPLE
Next Episode Enter the Cheese Haters
It's Raining Bacon is the 2nd episode of The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime.


Evil Guy, Pickle and Fernando are watching TV in Evil Guy Tower. All of the sudden, Fernando says "It's Raining Bacon!" Evil Guy then said "That's impossible, bacon cannot fall from the sky!" He walks outside to the balcony to find that it is accually raining bacon. Evil Guy, Pickle and Fernando take advantage of this and grab plates, bags and any kind of container and collect all of the bacon they can. However, what looks like a wierd miracle, is just the work of New Mario and New Luigi, who are inside the 'Bacon cloud', which is really a giant blimp dropping a huge supply of bacon directly above Evil Guy Tower. Soon, the bacon supply runs out and Evil Guy can see that the bacon cloud was just a blimp with the New Mario and New Luigi symbol on it. He, Pickle and Fernando climb to the top of the tower and take off towards the blimp with their jetpacks. They penitrate inside to be captured in a huge cage. "You have fallen right into our trap!" New Mario says. The Evil Crew tries to break free, but cannot. Pickle, however, is skinny enough to fit right through the bars of the cage and free the rest. They all look around the blimp and find a Bacon proccessing center. They also find coordinates to lotsa Cupcake Factories around the Mushroom World. After taking everything they can get about Cupcake Factories, they overheat the engines and escape at the last second. New Mario and New Luigi barely escape.

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