The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime

Enter the Cheese Haters

Production Staff
Episode Writer Evil Guy
Theme Songs
Opening Theme Song Evil Guy Theme Song
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode It's raining Bacon!
Next Episode The Cupcake Massacre
Enter the Cheese Haters is the 3rd Episode in The Super Evil Guy Evil Anime.


An evil organisation known as the Cheese Haters decided to walk through Red Forest. They go about trolling people who like cheese and even people who don`t like cheese. Evil Guy and his minions like cheese so they decide to troll the Cheese Haters. Evil Guy gets a giant cheese knife, and chops up cheese atop his tower. He then throws it onto the Cheese Hater`s massive military. The cheese pieces were giant, so they smashed the rather small military weapons. The Cheese Hater Leader decided to troll Evil Guy, so he shot a bazooka at Evil Guy's Cheese he has atop his tower. Evil Guy sends Pickle and Fernando to negociate with the Cheese Haters. The Leader idenitifies himself as Lord Cupcake, and he loves cupcakes. Pickle reports this to Evil Guy, who shouts and Lord Cupcake "YOU MUST DIE". Evil Guy then goes to the bottom of his tower, and drives OVER 9000 km to the nearest Morshu`s Shop chain of giant stores that sell everything. Evil Guy buys 98980809809 bombs and then drives all the way back to Red Forest. When he arrives, the town is in ruin except for the tower. Everything was burned (because all the houses were wooden, except Evil Guy Tower, which was stone) The Cheese Haters an nowhere to be seen. Evil Guy decides to hunt them down, so he, Pickle and Fernando decide to do that.

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