UnWorld Moon
—  Territory  —
Koopa Empire
Territorial Capitol Ludwig von City
 • Viceroy Ludwig von Koopa
 • Total 37,900,000 km2 (14,600,000 sq mi)
 • Total 52,177,735
 • Rank Last in the Koopa Empire
 • Density
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density
UnWorld Moon
UnWorld moon
Where: Orbiting the UnWorld
Inhabitants/Residents: Bowser's Minions and people
When created/discovered When the UnWorld was discovered
Size: 37,9 million km2
The UnWorld's Moon is entirely owned by the Koopa Empire and is one of the territories. It viceroy is Ludwig von Koopa, one of Bowser's sons. The Territory was started when Bowser conquered the moon from the previous owners (who had nothing built there), the United States of UnAmerica. He then sent 50 million colonists to colonize the moon. The Moon is the site of many of the Koopa Troop's supply of F.E.U.M.P.E.s. There are also many FEUMPE silos located here. There are 500 silos that can fire FEUMPEs at any location in the UnWorld. The Moon was the launching place of many FEUMPEs that destroyed cities including the Rome Settlement.

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