is a Lleo who is the cousin of Weegee and Malleo. He has a brother named Waweegee. Walleo is not only a Lleo, but also a Wa-Guy. By adding wa, the Sino-Japanese prefix to something, it makes it the opposite. Walleo lives in Weegeeopolis, where he has his own mansion provided by Weegee. (As he is related to the Imperial Family)

Walleo is a high ranking general in the United 'Gees Army. He leads his own army of Wahzis.

Early LifeEdit

Walleo was born to Papa Waweegee, who was the coisin of Fortran. He grew up in Weegeeopolis (Fortropolis at the time). As a kid, he attended private imperial school and was educated well. He also had a passion for science and created the Walleo Bike, a powerful bike that he uses even today.

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