The flag of West Hyrule.

West Hyrule is an absolute monarchy sovereign state in the Mushroom World. Its number one enemy is the Koopa Empire and the number one most hated guy in the country is Squadala Man. West Hyrule used to be part of East Hyrule in one big Hyrule, but after the Hyrulian Civil War, caused by Squadala Man caused the two nations to split. They also have a colony in the UnWorld, which used to be alot bigger, but most of the land was conquered by the Squadala Empire. Therefore, Squadala Man and Bowser are declared JERKS in this country.

West Hyrule is ruled by King Harkinian, often refered to just as 'The King'. He has absolute power and tells people what to do. The capitol is Hyrule City, and Hyrule Castle is the capitol building and the seat of government. West Hyrule is mostly desert, but some of it is jungle. West Hyrule has a dry tropical climate in the deserts, and wet tropical climate in the jungles.

West Hyrule suffers from a high povery rate, as most of the money made goes to the king, who mostly spends it on DINNER and stuff for himself.


West Hyrule is an absolute monarchy ruled by King Harkinian, the king. Several government beurocrats exist beneath him, including My Liege Guy and Duke Onkled. West Hyrule has no legislature, The King's word is law.

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