World Domination is an interesting topic that scientists and politicians often talk about. It is where one guy, or a group of guys takes over every single country on any given planet. The area with the highest threat of fully being taken over is the UnWorld. This planet has the most people currently trying to fully take control of it. This is also happening in the Earth Dimension on the planet Earth. Lotsa guys there tried to take over the world aswell.

People in the UnWorld who currently are trying to, or have tried taking over the worldEdit

People on Earth who currently are trying to, or have tried taking over the worldEdit

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Ghengis Khan
  • Julius Caesar
  • Chinese Emperors
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Weegee
  • George W. Bush
  • George Weegee Bush (George got the Weegee virus)
  • Dinosaurs (succeeded until destroyed by meteor)
  • British Monarchs
The UnWorld

Japan - United States of UnAmerica - Germany - France - Spain - Squadala Empire - Hyrule - Canada - Soviet Russia - Stania - Mushroom Kingdom - Sparta - Evil Land - South UnAmerica - Chinese Socialist Empire - Bowser UnWorld Territories - Sonic Islands - Pac-Land - Dinosaur Land - Ducky Empire - Indian Federation - UnUnited Kingdom - Scandinavian Union
Former Nations

Roman Empire - Arabia - Turkey

Unrecognised States

Pumkin World - Kid's Country - Taiwan - Pickle Land - East Pakistan (Bangladesh) - Dinosaur Republic (former)

Other Topics

UnUnited Nations - Union of Allied Nations - Spartan-Stanian Period - World Domination - UnWorld Local Time Zones


SparStanian Wars - 1st Ducky War - 2nd Ducky War - Videogame War - 1st Robotnik War - 2nd Robotnik War - 1st Spartan War - 2nd Spartan War - Squadala War - Koopa War - Pumkin War

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