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YouTube Poop (commonly abbriviated YTP or ytp) is a genre of media popular on Earth and the UnUniverse. It usually involves characters from other media being taken, and put into videos to make people laugh. The practice of Sentence Mixing is used in YouTube Poop videos to make characters say things that were not in the original audio. YTP's popularity has caused many TV channels to broadcast the stuff 24/7.


YouTube Poop origionates from the Earth internet site called YouTube. People posted the first ytps on that site. The first one is believed to be I'd Say He's Hot On Our Tail. Sinse then, thousands of more ytps were created. When guys from the UnUniverse discovered that Earth had an internet, they discovered YouTube, and they discovered YouTube Poop. These guys thought it was funny, so they did this science thing to make YouTube avilible to internet users in their dimension.


Wumbology is the study of YouTube Poop. The study was started by Patrick Star when he got bored one day. Today, many people go to college and get degrees in Wumbology, and then get hired as Poopers for large companies. The School of YouTube Poop was also founded by Patric and trains today's Poopers.

Pooping Methods/PracticesEdit

Documented by the School of YouTube Poop.

  • Sentence Mixing: The practice of taking sounds from various sources to make characters say things that were not in the origional audio
  • Ear Rape: Making the volume of a video very loud and distorted to annoy people.
  • Stutter Loops: Looping a certain section of the video to emphacise something. Various versions of this include: making the video rainbow-ey and speeding up the tape each loop, until finally reaching maximum speed, then slowing the tape down alot.

YouTube Poop Music VideosEdit

YTPMVs are ytps made to be a song. The audio is often edited to make it seem like the characters are singing.

List of YTP CharactersEdit

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